Helicopter Rides


JHeadcobratakeoffAH-1F Cobra Attack
Helicopter Ride

The Cobra was developed out of requirement of the Army to have a specialized aircraft for specialized fire suppression and armed escort during the Vietnam War. They were armed with a variety of weapons systems depending on the mission. After the Vietnam War, Cobras were improved and modified to carry anti-tank missiles. The AH-1 also served in the Gulf War as a potent attack helicopter.

The Sky Soldiers Precision Flight Demonstration Team is a dedicated group of veteran pilots performing at various events around the country in support of our country’s military and veterans. The mission of the Sky Soldiers is to demonstrate the Professionalism, Values, Training and Team work found in our military.

The Sky Soldiers demonstrate the physical, mental and emotional strength of all that have served our country. The center piece is a unique military helicopter demonstration team operated and flown by veterans utilizing that Army’s legacy AH-1F Cobra Attack helicopter.

The team’s performing Cobras, painted in our signature Black and Gold, perform an awe-inspriring routine that demonstrates the dynamic maneuverability and capability of the attack helicopter and the skills of the military aviator. This aerial program is a high energy, 20 minute “up close and personal” professionally narrated performance of legacy Army attack helicopters performing intricate, precision, tactical and parade maneuvers that excite and stimulate the imagination.

$300 Short Rides (7-8 Minutes Long)

$500 Long Rides (13-15 Minutes Long)

Passenger Qualifications:

1. Physically able to ingress / egress aircraft under own ability without assistance.
2. No health restrictions for flight.
3. Minimum age: 16 years old.
4. Weight limitations: Aircraft seat belt must be able to fasten securely.
5. Passenger liability release.

hueyridesUH-1H “Huey”
Helicopter Ride

Fly in the “ICON” of military helicopters and the Vietnam War … the “HUEY” helicopter. The Huey performed multiple missions including air assault, gunship, search & rescue, resupply, Command & Control and MedEvac.

The whirl of the turbine . . . the thumping of the rotors . . . it all comes rushing back! Let us escort you and your loved ones into a unique experience from the past.

No where else can a family climb aboard a real Vietnam-era UH-1H “Huey” and fly with the very Veteran Combat Pilots and Crew that made military history. Events across America are finding our Huey Ride Program to be solid, crowd gathering, once in a life time experience.

Length of Flight: Approximately 8-10 Minutes

Minimum Donations:

General Public: $75 (8-10 Minute Flight)

* Veterans: $70 (8-10 Minute Flight)

* Active Military: $65 (8-10 Minute Flight)

* ID Required for Veteran/ Military Discounts

Passenger Qualifications:

1. Physically able to care for themselves.
2. No health restrictions for flight.
3. Minimum age of 5 years old.
4. Maximum 3 minors (5-10 Years) per flight.
5. Weight limitations: Aircraft seat belt must be able to fasten securely.
6. Passenger liability release.
7. Minors must accompanied by adult.

 r44_police_shipR-44 Robinson Helicopter Flights
By Cloud 9 Helicopters 

Buy early online and come to the show with your tickets in hand. This will guarantee that you won’t be turned away since these seats sell out fast during the Air Show!

$35.00 R-44 Helo Ride
By Cloud 9 Helicopters

Passenger Qualifications:

  1. 1 Physically able to ingress / egress aircraft under own ability without assistance
  2. 2 Minors under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  3. 3 Weight limitations: 250lbs per passenger maximum due to aircraft loading restrictions
  4. 4 Passenger liability release